Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nice to be home

John Dory - the fish with a design fault!
Nice to be home to cool mornings and cloudless days, my own bed and john dory on the beach.
Just a last look at the differences between us and our Australian cousins. Reading their newspapers there is less international news and comment than ours and is this because they don't bother or that the country is much larger and with the newspapers being the same size as ours there is enough Australian news to fill them. This is fine because they are well informed about their own country but don't seem so well informed about others. Is this true of other large countries? In America a lot of people don't know where NZ is!
I am so very proud of my fiercely independent little country ( is it so little? If laid on Europe it would stretch from Denmark to the heel of Italy) I know isolation helps with threats a long way away but trade is very important to us and can be used against us if we don't align with larger powers' foreign policies
John dory on the beach? These ugly but beautiful eating fish have a design fault which makes them fall over in shallow water while chasing small fish and become stranded as the tide goes out so I can pick them up off the beach. It only happens in autumn when the early mornings are cold and at a certain tide. If you see them in the water you can also chase them ashore. Last year the count was around 40 so we don't want for fresh fish!

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L.M.Noonan said...

A disturbing trend -that you describe; happening here. In our desperate hanging onto the coat tails of America we are aping thier disdain for anything and anywhere out side of Rome. America being the new Rome and everywhere else desperate to recieve roman citizenship.