Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sculpture exhibition

Friend Steve Malloy has won this years' Lakeside Wood Symposium in Auckland with the above sculpture. This year 26 artists from around the country worked over 10 days to create the pieces. Steve works in varied materials but enjoys wood and stone because he is inspired by natural forms.

The sculptures will be on display in the Lake House Arts Centre grounds at Barrys' Point Reserve , Takapuna until 24th May

Go buddy!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My wings have been clipped! Spent an overnighter at Great Mercury Island and developed a small rip in the mainsail so have taken both sails off to give to a sailmaker friend to check and fix. Hope it doesn't take too long or I might have to catch up on my shore work!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh starling, little starling

We only have two weeks left in our little house on the hill before it is demolished and the starlings are back in all their irridescent glory with new straw for the little house I built them. Such industry, such hope. There are four of them and the female is hard to distinguish from the male but two of them are going to be disappointed as are the victorious pair when their world turns upside down.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The open see

What makes a man leave his warm hearth and head for the open sea. Is it the last frontier. Is it the last chance to exorcise his earth demons and float coddled like an astronaut in the arms of a gentle and terrible mistress. Perhaps it's the horizon always there but never reached. Do we really know what is beyond it, what is beyond the horizon of our own soul, that gentle and terrible mistress. Could it be survival that strips away the pretense and leaves us one on one with life and death, to see how much we want of either. To fight death until the last breath must mean life is worth it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pacific Curls

We hosted the Pacific Curls last night and were treated to a fabulous mix of traditional and contemporary Maori and Scottish music on guitar, ukelele, fiddle, percussion beatbox, tambourine, nose flute, porotiti, stompbox and vocals. Band leader Ora Barlow is steeped in Maori lore and gives out a strong message to care for Aotearoa and it's people.
They are playing Katikati tonight then Te Papa our national museum then leave for a tour of Korea and Scotland.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life on the ocean wave

Daughter Sarah with her dinner
Denise trying hard for her dinner

Son Sam spearing his dinner

Heading home for dinner with our newly repaired spinnaker.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

City living

Been away for a few days visiting the grandchildren and delivering sculptures and seeing how city people live. They seem quite placid sitting in traffic, perhaps they are all drugged on the carbon monoxide! I couldn't do it. If I have to wait for two cars so I can cross the road down here I get impatient. Still I'm glad most people like the cities I wouldn't want them all down here.
Sold a couple of sculptures. Sweeet. More room to make some more!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Personal Chef

While the Egg is closed for 5 months I'm hiring myself out as a personal chef for romantic dinners or other special occasions. I'm in the process of setting up menus so customers can mix and match according to their tastes and budget and I'll bring the food to their house, cook it, serve it, clean up and maybe sing to them (if they are tone deaf!). I'm missing the creative side of cooking, my family are tired of me experimenting on them and want good old fashioned meals for a change.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Salty Dog

Oh to be a salty dog. You wanna taste my skin? I'm out sailing most days and freedom comes to mind. Enjoying something at no cost to me or the environment. Catching my food, making my own water, cooking with solar power (OK that's a dream at the moment but I'm working on it!). I only have to learn how to turn seaweed into something edible to stop scurvy then I'm complete! Have you ever heard such pretentious, greenie babble? A lot of people have started giving me sailing advice because they watch me gybing and luffing and going round in circles and don't realise I'm chasing my dinner and I never realised the disdain power boat skippers give to sailors but it probably works the other way too.
Easter weekend is the end of the summer season here and it's been great to see the summer people enjoying themselves in our beautiful area but it will be nice to get back to just the locals and a walk on a deserted beach for a change. We will have it to ourselves until about October and then look forward to seeing all the 'loopies' again.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The kite runner

Just finished Khaled Hosseinis' book 'The Kite Runner' about a boy of privilege growing up in Afganistan in the '70s before the Soviet invasion, the Taleban and the American invasion. His friendship with a servant boy highlights the intractible nature of the class and religious system which has led to the excesses of the Taleban but also gives a brutally honest account of how a societys' rules get handed down and ingrained in the children.
The title comes from the sport of kite fighting where opponents try to cut each others string and the 'runner' searches for the defeated kite and brings it back as a trophy and the author paints a picture of the beautiful city of Kabul brought to ruin by the time of his subsequent return from the USA as an adult.
For most of the book I thought Hosseini was telling his own story and felt a little cheated (why? because truth is stranger than fiction?) when I found out he wasn't but it's a stunning story, well written and worth reading.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

You could love

Billie goes back to England tomorrow so we thought we had better record our song. The music is hers and the lyrics are mine. The quality is pretty crap because it is only on my little digital camera. We are singing it live for the first time tonight at the monthly open jam session at the Egg. Maybe a new career beckons. Not!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Running man

OK, I haven't sold any of my wooden sculptures and before you hammer me with 'that's not a reason for making art' (yes you, my sole blogger friend hiding behind your mothers' skirts!) I ain't got no room left in da workshop. So maybe I will take the 'wooden' (I've just realised how bad that sounds) out of sculpture and throw some colour on them. Soulmate Billie has made a start above transforming my running man from a swastika to...well...a funrunningmanfunrunningmanfun...sigh, now I've got to think up colour combinations, being a failed artist is not easy!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

god or religion

I'll give you god
No problem
But take him to an
Open field or
Down by the river

Don't put him under
A vaulted ceiling
For then you'll gather
And become

A response to Cosmics post