Saturday, April 4, 2009

You could love

Billie goes back to England tomorrow so we thought we had better record our song. The music is hers and the lyrics are mine. The quality is pretty crap because it is only on my little digital camera. We are singing it live for the first time tonight at the monthly open jam session at the Egg. Maybe a new career beckons. Not!!!


Calvin said...

Woohoo! Sounds great, i also like the background you chose for the clip :)

chook said...

Hey Gerben, how is your life? The background is the foreground of our life. Not for much longer though, the house is coming down in a month or so and we are renting a house opposite the Shakespeares Cliff road. Or on the boat in Tonga!
Love and peace

BBC said...

That was very good, loved it. And I love that beach in the background, wish I could stick my feet in the sand there.

So now I wish I had bought a monohull!

You know what they say about boats, holes in the water that you pour money into.

I just got lucky and made money on my two 32 footers. But the way things are here now they are giving them away.

Not sail boats so much, but power boats. I'll get my boat out in a week or so, I think that for a small boat it will do well in rough water.

I'm sure that I'm stupid enough that I will be testing that theory, I used to love waves crashing over the bow and smacking the windshield.

Now I don't give a crap and just figure that it's a good way to die if that should happen.

Well, I think that dying is the last interesting thing that Billy will be doing here so I'm sort of interested in that.

chook said...

Wish loud enough and it will come true!
I know the boat is going to cost money but we have bought at the bottom of the market and I've got spare time at the moment and enjoy tinkering like you so we can't come to too much harm!
I'll have to make up a few more recipes for fish though, before the family mutiny!