Sunday, April 26, 2009

The open see

What makes a man leave his warm hearth and head for the open sea. Is it the last frontier. Is it the last chance to exorcise his earth demons and float coddled like an astronaut in the arms of a gentle and terrible mistress. Perhaps it's the horizon always there but never reached. Do we really know what is beyond it, what is beyond the horizon of our own soul, that gentle and terrible mistress. Could it be survival that strips away the pretense and leaves us one on one with life and death, to see how much we want of either. To fight death until the last breath must mean life is worth it.


billie said...

MY Goodness Dave you are fast becoming the "old man of the sea!" a la Hemingway !!

masterymistery said...

what makes a man leave.... ? perhaps a horde of creditors, an ungrateful child, a nagging wife? I didn't say that! wasn't me!

chook said...

Billie... I told you, less of the old word! Look at it as rejunevation, rebirth and 'young man of the sea' are very perceptive but it's more about shedding responsibilities like building the house and earning money to pay for my decadent lifestyle.