Thursday, April 16, 2009

Personal Chef

While the Egg is closed for 5 months I'm hiring myself out as a personal chef for romantic dinners or other special occasions. I'm in the process of setting up menus so customers can mix and match according to their tastes and budget and I'll bring the food to their house, cook it, serve it, clean up and maybe sing to them (if they are tone deaf!). I'm missing the creative side of cooking, my family are tired of me experimenting on them and want good old fashioned meals for a change.


Jon said...

You close down the restaurant for the winter months???

Would love to have a personal chef show up at my house and cook for me! You know how to do Italian?

BBC said...

I don't look at your blog often as I don't have it bookmarked. Mostly I just think to if you comment on my blog.

But I installed a good tracker and noticed that you visited so paid you a visit.

I cooked the breakfast shift out at Granny's Cafe for a few months, loved it. Got laid off of that job for getting on a waitress for not sanitizing the prep area before she started using it after I had told her three times to do that the first thing.

So he let me go, can't blame him I guess, she was a hell of a lot better looking and sexy.

But I didn't hold it against him, and kept working doing other things for him.

We are coming into summer here, it was a beautiful day here. Joyful boating....

chook said...

Jon....even longer than winter. We are a summer destination and what locals there are don't have a lot of money so eat at home. It's cool to be back to a small community.
Italian is too easy. We NZers are magpies and steal ideas and flavours from round the world and it becomes exciting to marry them all together with the wonderful food we have available here.

Billy...I enjoy catching up with what you are doing.
I miss cooking for people. It's a real buzz when you get it right and they come and tell you how nice it was.
Perhaps you should broaden your breakfast menu with..
Corn hotcakes with egg, bacon, hollandaise and sweet thai chilli sauce or
Smoked salmon and potato cakes with slow grilled tomatoes and hollandaise or
Fluffy pancakes with berries and icecream and maple syrup

He'll beg you to come back!

billie said...

What a great idea will you come here an do yout thing ??

chook said...

Hey Billie, I guess you are getting back to NORMAL although I don't think that is a state you would be entirely comfortable in. I'll just extend the galley on Chica then sail over and cook for you!