Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sculpture exhibition

Friend Steve Malloy has won this years' Lakeside Wood Symposium in Auckland with the above sculpture. This year 26 artists from around the country worked over 10 days to create the pieces. Steve works in varied materials but enjoys wood and stone because he is inspired by natural forms.

The sculptures will be on display in the Lake House Arts Centre grounds at Barrys' Point Reserve , Takapuna until 24th May

Go buddy!!


Shubhajit said...

This is huge creation!

I'm just thinking how much time and hard work need to create those sculptures? By the way where are your sculptures?

chook said...

Hey mate! Time and work depends on how the sculpture goes. Sometimes it just seems to work and other times (mostly) it takes a lot of dreaming time and changes to bring it together. I never work out my time in relation to the cost of a sculpture because I would probably working for peanuts!
Which I don't mind doing, I love peanuts.
My sculptures are still in the garden at Eggsentric Cafe waiting to be painted bright and beautiful colours.
Keep sane or sanely insane if you must!