Friday, May 1, 2009


The orcas are back just below the house hunting their favourite dessert, stingray souffle. I feel for the resident stingrays who cruise our beach but life goes on and there is nothing like the arrival of the top of the food chain (if you don't count man and you shouldn't) to put your own life in perspective.

It was nice to have a last hurrah before we move out next week.


Jon said...

I love Killer Whales...such incredible creatures...

sad to hear that you're losing the spot... seems like a beautiful slice of the world...

bye for now

Calvin said...
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Calvin said...

didn't know you had orca's so close to your house. Must be an amazing sight. (BTW: i send you an e-mail a couple days ago, have you seen it?)


Anonymous said...

Hey Chook loving the Orcas , must be amazing to see sights like that right on your doorstep.
I have to say I love visiting your blog page, always something fascinating to see and read.
I live on a farm in the Wiltshire countryside, it's really beautiful. The village is called Mildenhall and is your classic quaint English village.....lots of thatched cottages and the obligatory Country pub....the sort of thing the Americans love, but in all the time I've lived here I have never looked out my window and seen an Orca swimming I would love to see that!!
Mate I hope you are well and life is good.
Bye for now

chook said...

Jon...I agree, magnificent creatures. We are not losing our spot. The little house comes down and I will build the house of my dreams here. A big project using natural products and hopefully energy and waste self sufficient. have to be up early to see them!!!! No email, did you send it to my old gmail address? I'll look. My NZ address is
Love to you both.

Tbone....very much enjoying your site too. Maybe with global warming the orcas will swim past Mildenhall one day! I was in England last year and loved the little villages but not so enamoured with the cities.
Take care