Sunday, May 17, 2009

Topp Twins

They are lesbian, singing, comedic twins poking fun at a red neck society in the red neck area of A & P shows and country halls (and Edinburgh and Montreal etc). Please put your hands together for the fabulous Topp Twins
Went to see their new movie last night expecting only a laugh but was taken down a roller coaster ride through some of NZs iconic moments from the early 80's. They fought proud for indigenous land rights, gay rights, a nuclear free NZ and finally cancer through song and comedy with a particular vulnerability that offends no one. Borat could learn from them that you don't have to leave your victims squirming and angry to highlight prejudice.
Love their alter egos, Camp mother and Camp leader, Ken and Ken and all bringing the taste of lamingtons and beer from rural NZ to the big screen.
Highly recommended not only to Kiwis but any who want to see a slice of who we really are.

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