Monday, May 4, 2009

New house

Love Savin Couelles architecture and would like to build something similar for our new house. We can't afford him of course but by using pumicecrete or aerated concrete which I can carve like a sculpture I think I can make a beautiful free form with no sharp edges which will be in keeping with the outcrops of rock around us. With a wood stove for cooking, heating and hot water, solar panels for power, our own rainwater supply, a grey water disposal system and a vege garden I'll be a hippy all over again!


Shubhajit said...

Incredibly beautiful!

I love to come to your place and have some exotic New Zealand beverage in the backdrop of wonderful landscape.

You must name your house and it would be 'Welcome to Hippieland'

chook said...

You are welcome to my place and maybe we can drink Lemon & Paeroa an exotic NZ fizzy non alcoholic drink although it has been taken over by coca cola so I can't drink it any more!
Maybe the name should be 'Welcome to Barney Rubbles house'

Anonymous said...

Hey Chook I think we'll all move to NZ and live in your house. Maybe you could build a commune for all the old musicians and artists! I can see myself now chilling out picking the blues on an old acoustic guitar.
Gone man solid gone!!!

Hope your well


chook said...

Looks ike I'm going to have to build another story! Caught up with a few old musicians last night to jam and recall glory days when our beards didn't get caught in the strings!
Keep well