Friday, May 22, 2009

It's a hard life!

This morning when I arose I saw a fingernail I made myself a

Kneaded my

Watched the

Walked through Eltons' frosty

Down through the

To Lonely Bay with smelly

and built a


Anonymous said...

Bloody 'ell Chook this just ain't fair mate, but still I hope the rest of your day is every bit as cool as the start.

human being said...

couldn't see what you watched
couldn't walk through Elton's frosty
to Lonely Bay...

(they were filtered from here!!)

but i felt i was there watching you...
what you made with stones was so beautiful...
and that finger nail in the dark sky just killed me!

thanks for sharing your life with us so poetically...

human being said...


HARD, eh?

chook said... it all went downhill from there. Took my grandchildren and son out in the boat and only caught 5 fish!! Enough to feed us but certainly not you and yours. Ahhh well.

Dear there a beauty filter out there? Imagine if we had an ugly filter but (sigh) no one would get to see ME
I do see the world thru rose tinted glasses but I also have a dark sad side. I think we should live our lives the best we can and if it gives hope to a small corner of the world then that is all we can ask for. I cannot tell you how to live your (anyones) life but if you see something of value in mine I'm happy.

human being said...

when we know what sadness is and feel it deeply, we try to create happiness...

that's what you do
that's what makes you a beautiful soul

and nothing can filter beauty...


chook said... are right sadness does make us hang on to happiness. I have learnt to like my dark side because it is where a lot of my creativity comes from and perhaps people understand me better when they view my art.

. said...

that sounds like a good day

Ben said...

so many turns whilst walking straight ;)