Sunday, April 12, 2009

Salty Dog

Oh to be a salty dog. You wanna taste my skin? I'm out sailing most days and freedom comes to mind. Enjoying something at no cost to me or the environment. Catching my food, making my own water, cooking with solar power (OK that's a dream at the moment but I'm working on it!). I only have to learn how to turn seaweed into something edible to stop scurvy then I'm complete! Have you ever heard such pretentious, greenie babble? A lot of people have started giving me sailing advice because they watch me gybing and luffing and going round in circles and don't realise I'm chasing my dinner and I never realised the disdain power boat skippers give to sailors but it probably works the other way too.
Easter weekend is the end of the summer season here and it's been great to see the summer people enjoying themselves in our beautiful area but it will be nice to get back to just the locals and a walk on a deserted beach for a change. We will have it to ourselves until about October and then look forward to seeing all the 'loopies' again.


masterymistery said...

Sounds great. I can live without scurvy though.

chook said...

There is always something Cosmic, you know that.

Shubhajit said...

Love to lead that life for sometimes..sailing, painting, reading and alone..silence and contemplation..

Merge with our own mind and savor the simple beauty is too good to pass up..

chook said...

Simple is the essence. Why complicate!