Thursday, June 14, 2007

What makes an artist

What makes an artist? Is it a need to express inner feelings? But anger is an inner feeling that can be expressed in a destructive way. So is it creativity or the pursuit of beauty that is the definition? But an angry artist can express himself beautifully (although more likely with ugliness). So is it what a person produces that make them an artist or who they are? What comes first the chicken or the egg? In my experience, of the artists I know, they tend to be nice people ( although as Milan Kundera says 'Franz's weakness is called goodness') who care about the environment and people, who wouldn't go to war and are concerned about a better society. So do people with those tendencies become artists or does becoming an artist make them like that.
Talent obviously helps. If you can draw at an early age you will be interested in the arts. I was behind the door when 'he upstairs' gave out talent. He gave me a head full of ideas and no means to put them down so it took me 50 years of hard work to get a somewhat passable artwork!
I started with collage, the putting on and sanding off of paper (construction and deconstruction), taught to me by my good friend Felix, then painting (again on and off), followed by stone sculpture (deconstruction) and now I am working with wood sculpture (construction again). Each piece takes a long time but I find it very satisfying, as if it is fulfilling a basic need most of us have of building something.
Spent last night designing a chair. Looks OK on paper but haven't a clue whether it will work in practice.


petra said...

Dear Dave,
today I've found out the way for making comments. The technique makes it possible to write some notes from 16.000 km away.
Your latest peace of wood looks very organic. So we are looking forward to the new chair. Please keep trying that we will maybe have the possibility to sit in it in your garden once.
With best regards from the north,

chook said...

Best regards from the south, the chair shall be waiting in the sun a bit wider than normal for two thin German people,Psyco the cat and Merlot the dog. The photo will be sent around the world. Thanks for the use of your lovely photo of Aunt Flora
Love Dave