Monday, July 2, 2007

Sculpture chair

The weather has turned colder and wetter which means Sam has had a couple of days snow boarding on Mt.Ruapehu and I always take the cliff track to Shakespeare in the early morning to get warm and forage for dead manuka (ti tree, pronounced tee because the Maori vowel i is sounded as ee) to keep the home fires burning. Today the tide has swept a lot more sand up to the high tide mark almost covering the black iron sand that appeared a few weeks ago and a flotilla of brown foam whipped by the nor'wester is sailing up the little stream at the end of the beach. Far out a circle of gannets are diving deep for their breakfast, white scraps against a grey oncoming shower.
I finished my chair last night. Two weeks from conception, design and completion, not too bad. Half way through I decided I didn't like the loop under the feet so cut it off and am better pleased with the balance. Today it's back to my arches and maybe the start of a new design which I have been playing with. I'm almost ready to invite a gallery to view the finished pieces in the hope of an exhibition which is never easy, I'm not good with rejection. Toughen up. Who cares!!


Gerben said...

Hey Dave!

We like your chair and know from first hand that it's comfortable too! Great spot for a photograph. Good luck with the rest of the project and we hope you make it to the gallery.

Mirjam & Gerben

chook said...

Thanks guys, now I can start the table and umbrella!!


Indeterminacy said...

I like the design of that chair - reminds me a little of Bauhaus mabye - seen in a design museum here in Germany.

Thank you for the great story you wrote to #400 at Indeterminacy - all the details work. The perspective seemed absolutely authentic. I just now read through all the comments after finishing own story (will post it later).

Indeterminacy said...

P.S. Sorry, I can't remember if I thanked you for adding a link to Indeterminacy. So many new visitors and links in the past couple of weeks. After the dust settles, I'm going through and updating my own links, and I'll include your site. I'm quite honored to be mentioned here.

chook said...

The honour is all mine. Writing a story from a photo is like painting a portrait, it forces you to see beneath the surface.
Keep up the great site