Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time for home

   I leave the Continent for England tonight and fly home in three days after tying up some loose ends. It's been a great trip but I'm looking forward to family and my own bed! I think my memoirs will be called '"The Floors I Have Slept On''They are going to have to pull me screaming from my little red car, she has been so much fun.
    Marty and I have been recording a song so perhaps the aging rock star on my CV will come true, look out for the CD in your nearest trash can! Met Hans another artist who paints every day and sells once a year so it seems the struggling artist is the same the world over. I know selling isn't the only criteria but all the artists I have met would like to sell and it would free them up from doing other jobs to make a living.
    Talk to you from HOME 


Anonymous said...

Poor boy (leaving your car)
lucky boy (getting home)
poor us (missing you)
lucky us (keeping in touch)!

Farewell and have a healthy journey home!
Rainer & Petra

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend
Recognizes that you are just around the corner - Would have loved to see you again - Enjoyed your brilliant travelling-dairy - I will keep in touch - Do have a safe journey back home to NZ
Love Jens

chook said...

Hi R & P, it's good to be home amd I'm filled with wonderful memories, first of you and then of your lovely city. Keep well until we meet again.

Damn Jens, so close but so far. So sorry to have missed you and Denmark. I will keep in touch.