Saturday, September 5, 2009

Piano Men

So now we have Piano M(a)en the ultimate in frustration to paint inside and out! Maybe too much white but I ain't going to paint them again!


billie said...

What a surprise ..they look soooooooooooooo smart ,all grown up and posh !! l rather like them .now lets watch them march into someones garden at a nice price ! Dont under price them now will you ! just remember all the work you ve put into them Bx

BBC said...

Hum, what in the world do you do with something like that after you make them?

If I get a chance to before I forget I'll do a post showing you how to paint something like that faster and easier.

Jon said...

nor should you paint them again... those ivories look good as they are... cool concept dave!

chook said...

Billie.....maybe honky tonk and not concert piano men. We're not going to have that conversation about price again are we?? I've already forgotten how long they took to make so does it matter now? Looking forward to face to face discussions again. them, make them sing!

Jon....thanx, sorry I've been a stranger but still follow you avidly.