Monday, March 15, 2010

The Road to Monte Cassino

In twelve days I fly out to start a new adventure in France. Two days in Paris then a week travelling down to Marseille exploring the countryside looking for a house and workshop to rent. I only have six weeks to finish a sculpture for the Cassino exhibition which starts on the 15th May, it will be pushing it but I work well under pressure. Originally I thought of constructing a bombed building and have two figures rising out of it (Phoenix?) denoting peace, love and beauty (the exhibition has a theme of peace and remembrance of the war) but lately I have been thinking about those who died and if they could rise from the building and see the world today what would they think of it. Was it worth the sacrifice? Have we used it wisely? Are our values better? Is there less war? I don't think so. It's going to be hard to express but maybe on the two figures faces a look of bewildered horror that their efforts have been in vain along with some of the results of our hollow, celebrity seeking society, a TV with the E Channel running, a barbie doll, an AK47 etc etc.
I am a fan of hope and love and beauty but for them to be acheived we have to look very hard at ourselves and that is one of the job descriptions of an artist.


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Sophia Elise said...

I am looking forward to seeing the finished artwork - am really moved by what you have written - and the truths that you speak ... look forward to meeting you in Italy at Legaot :-) Sophia

Kay said...

Thanks so much for really picking up on the message of this exhibition. We need to challenge what is happening today and you are so right in saying the artist has a role to play in this.

Dave said...

Hi Sophia, I am also looking forward to the finished artwork! It's difficult not being able to start it and utilise the ideas racing around in my head.
See you in Italy

Hi Kay, I have been a pacifist for nigh on 45 years so if I can express that through my art, well and good

Kay said...

I'll be absolutely thrilled if we have some challenging works here, and your description is exciting.

Dave said...

Oh no!! Now the pressure is on!

Anonymous said...

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