Sunday, May 9, 2010

Towards Italy

Off towards Italy tomorrow. Still no computer and my phone wont send images so you will have to wait to see the sculpture. Doing an unveiling ( actually a putting on of heads) tonite. It has been a very wet and cold three days in the rush to get them finished. Dont know if they `work` as usual after six weeks of living and breathing them its difficult to see them properly;
My French is improving but still a long way to go before I can hold proper conversations. I tried drinking whisky to help understand but the people I was with drank it too and their conversation got faster and they used more slang! Now I have to try to understand Italian!
Ah its tough! New country code on my phone, dont know what it is yet.
Will keep you posted as I can.


Calvin said...

Hi Dave,

sounds like one big adventure again. I'll be waiting for the pictures..
Have fun in Italy!

BBC said...


chook said...

hey Gerben, always an adventure in my life! Good to hear you are still alive.

Billy... wake up!

BBC said...

No, you wake up.