Monday, August 20, 2007

City Art Gallery Brisbane
'We walk' one panel of 'We walk, we eat, we sleep' - Modern Art Gallery

'Dying elephant' - Modern Art Gallery

Brisbane was a nice surprise. I don't know if I was expecting a cultural wilderness because of the 'banana benders' tag the Sydneysiders give their northern cousins, but the short time I was in the city along the Brisbane River at South Bank beats anything Auckland has to offer. No cars, an interesting array of buildings, little eating places, sculptures and walks lead you along to the City Art Gallery and the Modern Art Gallery. I don't know if those names are right and I'm travelling and don't have those home reference sources but anyway the former is one of the nicest spaces to view art that I have been to ( the best would have to be the Krueller Mueller Museum in the Netherlands). The entrance full of glass and light leads you into some large Brett Whitely works and from there each area folds seamlessly into the next with a large shallow pool and walkway adding a peaceful ambience.
The Modern Art Gallery in comparison feels disjointed with office areas and wrong turnings disrupting continuous viewing. Some great works though, including 'we walk, we eat, we sleep' by an Indian artist (I didn't write down the name again!) three large canvases which reminded me of a photograph taken high up of displaced flood victims in a gym in China looking almost like calligraphy, delicate birds nests made of shredded US one dollar bills, a large dying elephant.... Katharina Grosses' big installation held no surprises as I had seen it in Auckland. Does an artistget tired of doing the same old thing around the world? I know she spray paints everything so it is a little different but the idea is the same.


Gerben said...

Hi Dave!
we're back home. We just missed you in Aussie. I agree with you on Brisbane, i liked it and we visited both museums you mention in your blog. Coincidence?

Enjoy the sun around Cairns, visiting Port Douglas?


PS. The spray paint thing just wasn't me :)

chook said...

Hi Gerben and Miriam,is it good to be back home? We've been from Cape Tribulation to Cilligo to Townsville and having a lovely relaxed time. We fly home on Sunday and open again beginning of October.
Keep in contact
Dave and Denise

L.M.Noonan said...

I'm glad you like our fair city. Fong and I have never regretted the move North nor becoming banana benders.

chook said...

I'm green with envy but not enough to leave here because I love our place too. It certainly was inspiring but now I've got more new ideas to deal with!
Sorry we missed you guys, we asked around in Melaney but no go.