Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fickle ideas man

So the water is running over and going back up thanks to a little French pump which I have 30 from a former venture making indoor portable fountains of which I sold zilch so I have the means to make many more water based sculptures! Now I have to change it from a fountain to a sculpture, a much more difficult task. I have made the one oar from recycled rimu which I thought was kauri until I started working on it and my mate Ronny who is demolishing an old house which it came from told me it was and I believed him as you do and now I know he talks a lot of shite. But I believe him when he tells me how much rum he drinks! I might also fashion a mast (from aforementioned rimu/kauri) and break it to add to the shipwreckedness and of course the frayed rope and maybe a body or two... I digress

The other image shows I have some timber to work with when it's too cold and wet outside (most of the time). It's a different size (the timber) so have had to shelve the 3 sculptures I had underway and start some new ones. I love starting new ones but have trouble finishing the old. Sign of a fickle ideas man whose next idea is much better than the one he is working on. It (the sculpture) is just two simple curves but it reminds me of a speed skater so I might fashion a polished stone head to sit in the apex......


Anonymous said...

I understand all too well the lure of a new project LOL. Hope the weather picks up soon and you can get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine.
BTW I found your blog via Ed Maskevich's one. Love what he does with colour and texture. Saw your mention of NZ and thought "aha - another NZ artist".

chook said...

I do love having the four seasons Cath, just when you get tired of one the next one starts. Eds' paintings remind me of German expressionist painter Marc, wonderful use of colour.