Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Art School

I spent yesterday tutoring collage at a new art school in Whitianga. Set up by a friend Judy Meehl it includes classes of painting, pottery, doll making, life drawing and of course collage. The method was taught to me by Swiss artist (and dear friend) Felix Obrist who came to NZ to recover from an illness and after numerous black coffees and discussions on art he used my studio and let me into his secrets (which aren't secrets any longer sorry Felix!). It involves constructing by glueing on paper such as pages from magazines ripped or cut and then deconstructing by sanding back and then adding again in many layers. The sanding back blurs images and makes it more like a painting.
Our little town of Whitianga has always been well blessed with galleries and now another friend (yes I have two!) Andrea is setting up a fine art gallery which will replace the Upstairs Gallery which closed last year. Interestingly, Tauranga a city twenty times larger, (I'm guessing) has just got it's first gallery. What comes first the gallery or the artists?
Off to Auckland now to pick up supplies for our opening and to see the grandchildren for their birthdays and then it's nose to the grindstone for seven months. Whoopee


L.M.Noonan said...

your collage method sounds a lot like one I use, which is a terrific way to loosen up and really work the old grey matter

chook said...

As it happened it was mostly my peers from the art world that turned up for class but it's a perfect method for those starting out on their art journey. Just going with colour and shape and getting them to stand back often and see if they can find something surprising happening.
The breaking up of images is interesting because the viewer puts them back together in their mind and feels as if they have had some imput into the work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,
we wish you and Denise a great new season! This year we won't come to the opening but will have a interested look on you and what's going on in Ferry Landing in summer. I hope you won't neglect your blog and we can see a lot of new pictures of the bay, your latest art work and all the things they keep the dream of NZ going on. Instead of visiting you we will study your menue card and imagine what we would order.
Good luck and always friedly and inspiring guest,
mit lieben Grüßen
Rainer & Petra

chook said...

Thanks for your best wishes Rainer and Petra. In anticipation of your coming I ordered many sacks of mussels, now I'll have to eat them myself! Have a lovely winter and who knows we might see you in Berlin soon.

Anonymous said...

Ok, give the restaurant to your woofers and take the next plain to Berlin! We are looking forward to feeding you with "Bouletten" und "Bratwurst" and a lot of culture as dessert!
Until soon!
Rainer & Petra