Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I love my wwoofers. No they are not dogs but 'willing workers on organic farms' a world wide organisation which places travellers on farms to learn about the country and organic principles. We don't have a farm but luckily they have a cultural section and we attract people interested in the arts and music and cooking and maintaning our organic garden. We ask that they do four hours work a day and give them basic food plus $10 and accomodate them in our little house overlooking the sea. That's the view above but we don't provide the gin and tonics! Last season we had 29 through and they provided a lovely international flavour and we made some great friends.
Already we have Chris and Emelie from Germany here preparing the gardens for spring planting and another traveller is coming today so the rather sad looking wet winter garden will be transformed hopefully into a blooming paradise. Sometimes, I have to admit, because a lack of plant knowledge, you see a favourite shrub on the compost heap but it's all part of the fun. Ciro from Argentina painted some murals, Gerben from Holland painted the house, Christian from Germany made art with food and so they all have left little reminders of their time here.


Gerben said...

Hey Dave!
Once again thanks for the great time. Painting the house was only part of the fun. The little house with the best view and the great life around the cafe make this a great WWOOFing place, I'll happily advise other people to go your way. (Might be one coming next march...)

Funny that WWOOF has so many meanings:
"WWOOF originally stood for Working Weekends On Organic Farms. These days some call it Willing Workers On Organic Farms or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and We're Welcome On Organic Farms."
Let's think of a fifth one without "Organic Farms" in the name :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,
when I saw the picture it seemed directly made out of my dreams. Sitting at this exiting place is more than some millionaire has from his villa.
The next gin tonic I will drink to you!

chook said...

It's a hard one Gerben. Welcome workers outside of Fowells? Not very good! You must have been telling people, we have been inundated with requests from wwoofers so far. The paint job is still looking good and I'm making a cafe sign to go in the triangle above the back door
Love to you both

chook said...

Hi Petra and Rainer, I am a millionaire, I have you as friends!! What you can't see is the outside bath where you can lie at night and dream of mussels and lamb.
When are you coming??