Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Eating and Drinking

The weather has been very cold and windy and traditionally people come down for the long weekend just gone, open up their summer houses, dust off the barby and have the first swim of the season. Yeah right! Just too cold. Didn't stop them coming though with a 7 kilometre wait at the one way Kopu Bridge on the way home. We had a big weekend with a wonderful buzz of conversation and eating reminding me of why we are in the business of providing food and drink for the masses. It's an appreciative business, when you get it right they tell you and come back and they pay before they leave. Also most of them are on holiday away from their busy city lives with no agenda and so are pretty easily pleased.
My menu has been working OK but what seemed a good idea on paper doesn't necessarily work when the pressure is on. I changed the fish dish yesterday to seared bluenose on risotto cake with lemon carrots, wilted spinach and chilli prawns and it sold well. Bluenose is a type of groper and being a big fish has nice thick fillets which I can cook medium rare. Must work on my duck croquettes today they are not selling. Sometimes it only takes a change in the wording and away they will go. The scallop entree is still the most favourite with a lot of people having them as a main.
Well back to the bread dough.....


David and Talia said...


Thank you for such an incredible meal last week. Talia and I truly enjoyed takling with you late into the night. What you are doing is great for your community and the international community.

It was a memorable part of our trip.


David and Talia said...

If you don't remember our blog is http://taliandavidsadventures.blogspot.com/

chook said...

Thanks for your lovely comments and the mention on your blog. It's the contact with interesting people like you that makes the hard work worth it. Hope your exciting adventures continue.