Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sex on the Beach

A beautiful patch of weather has finally arrived chasing away memories of incessant cold winds. Swam yesterday in Flaxmills cool, clear waters, bracing to be sure but so good to be alive. Son Sam got offered a ride on a charter boat today to the Alderman Islands (named by Cook after his local councillors at home) 15 km off shore and after a successful (for him!) debate of school or fishing he said "Man I've got a good life". At 16 we have to be happy with that. He wants to get his first crayfish free diving and of course big snapper and kingfish on his rod.
The first shining cuckoo made his presence felt this week. They winter in the Solomon Islands and after the long flight their distinctive whistle is a sign that summer is on its way. Lots of other pairings on the beach also. The oyster catchers are long time residents, Mr Smith still favouring his gammy leg, hatching a brood every year. The mallard ducks have already hatched, not sure about the paradise ducks, the white headed female and dark male with their alternate hee haw honks are still flying around. Our little rare dotterels are back this week. They are the same colour as sand and shells and it's only when they move that you can see them. It was a real success for us to see them hatch last year. Many other seagulls and terns but they nest elsewhere and use the water and beach as their dinner table.
So the seasons change, as do the tides of life....


petra said...

Dear Dave,
What a beautiful description of spring time in Flaxmill Bay!!! Thank you very much! That's why I each mornig first read the news in artmusicfood - feeding my homesickness to New Zealand. Please keep going on. I am interested in knowing everything about my (hopefully) prospective retreat (20 years ahead).
Cheers, Petra

chook said...

It's very humbling to think that the birds and the seasons will be still be going on well after our dreams and aspirations.
I will look after them until you can make it

Indeterminacy said...

I've always had this dream of living in New Zealand - your post here brought it all back to me. Back in the 80's I used to pick up Radio New Zealand on shortwave.

Anyhow thank you for your good wishes for my wife - I know it's a long time ago that you commented, but I'm just starting to work my way through all the comments that piled up since then. My wife has been home a few weeks now and is pretty much back to normal. She just has to take it easy in the next months. She's very very lucky the way it turned out. It could have been a lot worse.

chook said...

I feel lucky to have been born a NZer. I love travelling but it's always wonderful to get back home.
Very glad your wife is better. It's always a wake up call to the fragility of life and the way we live it