Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sculpture finished

Finished my sculpture and placed it on a bush trail yesterday (still no photos!). Happy enough with it, three tree towers 3.5 metres high made from waste macrocarpa (Montery Cypress) with redwood 'leaves'. I built them in sections to make them more portable and once they weather a little they will become part of the trees around them. I've named them 'carbon credits' so I don't feel bad about using air travel next week! Made some great new artist friends and sleeping with two other blokes in a small flat with all the detrius of stone dust and wood chips, body functions and boozing is revealing to say the least. I feel I have made strong mates with them despite the drawbacks.
So back on the ferry this afternoon, a night in Wellington then home to prepare for my adventure in Europe next week.


human being said...

and isn't 'making friends' an art, too?

chook said...

....and keeping friends