Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Down to St Ives

Fond farewells to Billie and John. She is a great artist but it's hard to convince her and others of it. Her sense of balance and colour is totally instinctive and I wish I had half of it.
Went out to the Cornwall coast and travelled small roads down to Padstow to sample Rick Steins' food but the town was packed presumably because it was Sunday and I couldn't even get into the carparks. So down to St Ives, houses plain. The stone houses I remember must be further south, coast wild with occassional sandy beaches cramped with cars and people.
St Ives no exception, you have to park well out of town but the harbour surrounded by the town is exceptional. I can see why it has attracted so many artists, they say there are 146 galleries! Everything is focussed on the jewel of the harbour from house windows to the shops to the people and the little streets tumble together cobbled and uneven, little doorways flower pots and big angry gulls swooping down to snatch you food. People mainly English day trippers, refined older couples with nothing to say or large (in stature) younger families noshing on fish and chips and icecreams. Inspired young singers voice rolling out over the harbour, cornish pasty and bed with the Euro final.

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