Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hi again, with friends Felix and Anna in Dattwil near Zurich. Lovely countryside but the architecture a little too square and conservative. Lots of sculpture though and I met Martin a dynamic sculptor in stone, metal and wood and with Felix translating understood a little about life as a sculptor in Switzerland.
Enjoyed Basel with the fantastic Beyler Museum. Beyler is an art dealer who bought paintings personally from Picasso and has one of the finest collections I have seen. Not only famous artists but some of their finest paintings. Also saw the Tanguly Museum but after a while the machines became too much.
Felix, also an artist, hates computers so I am helping him by creating a catalogue of his works so he can more easily sell himself which he also hates to do (dont we all!).
Finished my stay in France at Salesta near Strausborg and enjoyed time with Frank a stone sculptor who is living in and helping to renovate an old castle. Passionate but poor (sound familiar) he doesnt know how long he can continue without more work. He is organising a two day exhibition with his mate Jim where Frank will provide percussion with hammer and chisel on a sculpture while Jim plays incredible music (he gave us a recital) on his 24 string guitar from India. Such talent. He showed us through the castle late at night with only a candle which only illuminated small parts at a time so was full of surprises. It was on the medieval salt trail and travellers could only pass through if they left some salt.
Tomorrow I am off to Kesswil on Lake Constance to see if I can find Nikalaccio a stone cutter who spent some time sculpting at the Egg in the summer.
I hate to tell you but I am in love with my little red car!
Ahhhh the things we do!

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