Thursday, October 2, 2008

Running scared

Do you want me (a warning)
Do you want to come
To the broken rhythms
Of my heart
I love you more than
Life itself
More than I can bear
To be apart
Yet I'm afraid
I'm running scared
Of losing you to me


Fern said...

this tell it like a dance step.. a tricky one with too many lefts and rights.

Shubhajit said...

Hey! I can identify this verse…. ‘Love you more than life itself’.. yes, this is true love when there is no condition even you value the emotion more than life…but I can’t understand why you running scared. There is nothing to loose, nothing to gain..your words show a fearlessness but why running scared? I am perplexed ..

chook said...

Fern - I have a tricky heart and too many relationships have waltzed out the door!

Shubhajit - maybe I meant I was afraid I was going to ruin the love as has happened before.

American Hill BIlly said...

I liked that. Love is a tricky situation of emotions. I find it hard a lot.

I hope all is well, and you didn't get shook to badly by that 7.3 quake.

United In Peace And Freedom

chook said...

Hill billy - there was a quake? I made love last night but it was only 7.1!