Friday, October 31, 2008


Son Sam had an amazing dolphin experience. Last week he spent four days in his friends' Dads' lovely old sailing ship Windborne out at the Mercury Islands and a pod of dolphins stayed and played with them for two of those days. He has a little underwater video camera which also takes stills and shot some great footage up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. I will post some video when I can work out how to reduce them down.


human being said...

wow it should have been a fabulous experience... dolphins... they are really adorable... i was reminded of a TV series i watched when i was a kid... think the name was Flipper... i really enjoyed watching the adventures of that dolphin...

chook said...

Hi HB - good to have you back
I think we all grew up on Flipper, he has a lot to answer for!
The amazing thing was that these wild dolphins chose to stay and play with those grubby little humans (well they are 17 and boys, you can't expect too much from them!)