Monday, November 3, 2008

Jam (and honey) Session

It was music, muzik, mewsick at the Eggsentric Cafe on Sunday night. The instruments were on stage, the house lights were dim, the spots were bright and then out of the Coromandel Mountains came a mish mash of finger picking, throat warbling, foot stomping, hairy musos who at other times can only be seen hugging trees and tending various organic gardens in the deep bush.
The legend lives on!
Then there was Ian, who has a bone carving studio, playing and singing his originals and poetry, young Josh sometime underwater ceramic engineer (dishwasher) with his distinctive voice and excellent guitar skills, even younger Jeremy (9) on his trombone.
And still they came. Phil, a builder from Tairua, with his gravelly voice singing Dylan, Ronnie played with Julie who played with Ronnie an eclectic mix of originals and covers on keyboard and guitar with soaring vocals, Rob, who has a Lodge at Ferry Landing, gave us some Country and Western then his mate joined in and they belted out numbers like the Everly Brothers 'Bye Bye Love' and the crowd was up dancing and whooping.
Then it was time to go home. After all we are responsible citizens and go to work on Monday mornings. To sit and dream. Of next month!!

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