Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sexy summer is stalking but cool spring won't let go. The plankton are thriving in our little bay and they are feeding the pipis who nourish the stingrays. Then the orcas come by for dinner dressed to kill.
I am but a flea.


BBC said...

I always wanted to visit New Zealand,never made it, never will now. I've stopped stomping all over the planet hurting it.

Going on to winter here, you're lucky to be getting summer.

I don't do fancy foods, just simple basic foods and meals.

The old trailer is all metal, a special one I made when recycling.

I'm going to make an engine sort of like a steam engine, but it will run off of compressed air.

Take care. ...

chook said...

Yeah I guess air travel is pretty bad. I made some trees to make me feel less bad about flying to Europe this year.
Preparing food with love makes basic fancy.
We have a lot of wood trimmings so a steam engine makes sense but it makes smoke.There is always something but that's not bad, gets the mind ticking over.