Monday, November 17, 2008


My latest escapade with trailer and stone comes as no surprise to family and friends. I seem to have a penchant for disaster on the road, mainly because I'm not a planner. To put it more plainly I'm a rip, shit and bust artist who doesn't maintain his equipment.
Things like the sliding door falling off the van on the mainstreet of Kaitaia and watching a wheel roll past near home in Kaiaka and wondering where it came from were small incidents. As was the axle breaking on the caravan while towing it with my truck, pulling the skids completely out from under our little house while towing it with my ex wife inside. Getting more serious was said ex and I sitting in the truck in the river looking at each other after the farm bridge broke and upending four large bins of potato chips for the pigs on a busy roundabout near Auckland. Perhaps the most serious was when I was carrying metal for farm tracks in my big truck up a steep, winding, narrow road and I missed crawler gear and it started to roll backwards and I couldn't get it back in gear or stop it with the brakes and there were steep drops on both sides and my young son was in the cab and I didn't know whether to tell him to jump or not. We picked up so much speed the metal was shifting as we went round corners and we would have flattened anybody coming up the hill. Gradually the road straightened out and flattened and we rolled to a stop 200 metres from another busy roundabout.
But I'm still not cured so if I ask you to come on an adventure make sure your life insurance is up to date!!


Anonymous said...

Gosh Dave l am glad l did nt know all this history before we ventured out on the devon lanes this summer Billie

chook said...

Hey Billie, as long as I'm not towing or carrying anything you are pretty safe.

human being said...

OMG! i'm breathless!
and if all this happened in a story, we would say what an unrealistic one it is!!!

in Iran people believe good people usually escape dangerous situations... so you'r TOO good...

chook said...

Oh no HB. I only related the stories that turned out alright. I'm on my seventh life. I'm definitely BAD. I'm Bad, yes baD, all b.a.d

human being said...

oh yes too