Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Denise turns 50

Denise turns the big five oh on Sunday so we are partying on Saturday night and wishing we hadn't on her birthday!

Well damn you
i only left
a small chink
and you prised it
open and climbed
right in

If only you had
taken your
shoes off
and brought your
slippers and your
own tea bags

I might have had
time to stand
the dresser
against the
door and nail down
the hatches

Pretending there
was no one home
gone fishin'
address unknown
now damn you
it's love


Fern said...


your words and Denise.

Melissa said...

you always had a way with words! Happy Birthday to Denise!!..xxxmelissa

Sree said...

Those drinks look delicious.
Have a good one!

Yeah...damn love :)

chook said...

Fern - thanks. Yeah I'm a lucky guy.

Melissa - I talked you into working for us didn't I! Good to hear from you, I'll pass on the Happies!

Sree - the drinks were delicious, part of our Samoan adventure. Damn lov, it would be easier without it but who wants easy!

Shubhajit said...

From your words I feel you are a simple person and I truly appreciate simplicity... I don't know who is Denise but certainly she doesn't look like 50, she looks like wrong side of 30..

Your comments are valuable for me but i write for people to think with an open heart what i truly mean to is not that whatever i write, i follow each and every word..but thats my principle and want to follow that.

chook said...

Shubhajit - Denise is my wife of 20 years and she loved your comment about looking 30!
I know your words are a sounding board for your thoughts. It makes good reading and I like to answer from my point of view. It helps me to understand my thoughts.