Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ghosts of the past.

After reading 'Fingerprints of the Gods' about the virtual certainty of ancient civilisations I thought it was all very far away from NZ. However in Maori (who have been here 8oo odd years) oral tradition they speak of a fairy people with 'pale skin, pale eyes and reddish hair' and standing stone circles and alignment sites are being discovered which tie in with such sites as stonehenge. Also stone obelisks have been found with spiral incising and ballauns (Neolithic 'holy wells') hand cut into them and covered with ash from the Taupo eruption of AD186 (the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history, heard even in China!). A pre-Maori European skull has also been found which deepens the mystery. Could some answers to the birth of civilisation be in my back yard?
I'll see you later, I'm going digging!

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