Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some images from the exhibition by Annabel Nesbitt we have on at the moment. She has sold nine paintings which is extraordinary considering the economic gloom at the moment. In fact I don't think any artist has done better here. We bought the second to last one with the scallops in the basket. Homely but with the jagged curtain threat and a storm brewing out the window.

The last image is my studio at the moment. You can see why I'm not getting any paintings finished! No starving artist in the garret here. I pour my gin and tonic, settle in with my paintbrush and fall asleep perchance to dream.


Rachete said...

What a wonderful place to relax and paint.

chook said...

Welcome Rachete, enjoyed your site and your paintings.
Unfortunately relaxing and painting don't go together well for me. I get lazy.

billie said...

well l looked and nothing there at all are you sure it was the OTHER blog you looked at ? not one comment ! it s especially for portraits l recon l will bring the other one l did of you they are all so light Bx

Kristian Skjødt said...

Hi Dave

Remember the look from the Bach.. Having breakfast there, not really wanting to start the day, just hang around for five more minutes enjoying the life quietly with a smile :)

And I love the paintings... Especially the first one.. Considering a long-distance purchase.

Give my love to family,

Hopper said...

If that's where you live then Chook, I'm coming to stay at your place... maybe try the peak on the other side of the water... you ever been up there?

chook said...

Kristian.....nice to hear from you. Yes the view makes ambition fall away and life seems simple with a smile. What are you up to?
Much love... and everyone else!!!
The peak is called Mangataniwha and I haven't climbed it. It reminds me that there is always something left to scale!

Kristian said...

Hi there,

well, as you know it's winter here by now.. Mostly gray and rainy but I manage to get out for a mountain bike ride or a kayak paddle or just a cup of coffee at one of the lakes, whenever theres a short break in the lousy weather.

And well, obviously I have to get to work every now and then, but for the time my mind seem to just wander off to summer and sunshine.. :)

chook said...

Kristian... where is here? Are you still in Sweden? Are you still chasing 'that girl'?
Do we all look for an 'endless summer'?

Kristian Skjødt said...

Still Denmark mate... And yes, always chasing some girl I guess ;)

Ben said...

the first two paintings are amazing.
i have a feeling i will love the incomplete canvas of yours as well, if you ever got round to finishing it ;)
the most wonderful feeling in the world is to be taken over by 'nothing'. there's nothing compared to it :)

chook said...

Kristian...the ice and snow must slow the chase a bit though!

Hi Ben...yes she is a wonderful painter, unfortunately with a few demons at the moment.My last painting is showing my fluid phase, working under the influence of a gin and tonic!
This nothing is new to me but it's alright, I have filled it with a boat that needs a lot of work.

masterymistery said...

paintings are amazing

L.M.Noonan said...

I think your view surpasses mine