Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Safely in Fiji

I did go sailing
We ate well

And arrived safely!
Good to be home though. Flew back yesterday, 3 hours compared to 10 days on the way up. Learnt that there is a hell of a lot of water out there and you are on your own. Lovely strong boat (48 Swan) but I think I will stick to my catamaran, more room and not so much rolling!
Fiji is struggling. With the recession and the military government the resorts are virtually empty and tourism is their main source of income. Wonderful people, tall and graceful with a great sense of fun.
I wish them well.


Shubhajit said...

wonderful! I am waiting for some griping travelogue from you. I'm also getting ready for some adventure but there are some duties after that I can go.

I'm already excited and your photographs gives me strength.

chook said...

Ahh Shubhajit, I've been bored with peoples' travelogues so many times I don't do them anymore. You know the scene...'would you like to see our holiday photos?'... and 2 hours later you are still looking at little Jimmy in the pool and far distant mountains which mean everything to them and absolutely nothing to you!
I think the lasting impression of my trip is the feeling of such breadth when you are out there with just a curving horizon.
I hope your adventure is as illuminating.