Tuesday, June 30, 2009

House plans

The first concept plans for the house have arrived from good friend Linda Vugler and we love em! All earthy and curvy as if it has grown out of the rocks around. We would like it further into the hill so we can walk into the garden from the front right terrace. It will mean we don't have to have a balustrade and have an uninterupted view out to sea. It is a small house, only about 170 sq m with lotsa outside areas and surprises so in winter we have only a small cosy area to keep warm but in summer it opens out with plenty of inside/outside living. The top left area will be a bedroom and a studio/bedroom opening out to a roof deck.

I suppose our excitement will be tempered when we start dealing with consents from the council because it is not conventional but at the moment I can't wait to start (it'll be a few months yet!)


L.M.Noonan said...

I am sincerely impressed. It looks wonderful. Will you be building it yourself?

chook said...

There is a little difficulty in that you have to be a master builder (I'm not) to sign the house off but I have good friends who are so it shouldn't be a problem. So yes I will be the 'builder' and organise the subcontractors etc. and do a lot of the work which means it should grow organically and be exactly what we want.