Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life, film, life

What is it about films that they can move me enough to want to cry.I'm not a crying type of person. I remember when I owned my first dairy cow and went out twice a day to see if she had produced her first born. One morning I could see in the distance the little calf trying to struggle to it's feet which filled me with a sense of delight. However coming closer I realised why it was struggling. In her concern for the newborn the cow had accidently trodden on the calfs' leg and broken it which meant the poor little thing, fighting for life, had to be put down. I sat for a long time agonising about the unfairness of life before I found the courage to do what had to be done and my face was wet with tears.But its death was not in vain. It taught me to respect all life. In my job as a farmer I have since killed many animals from a pig for the table to an old, diseased dog wanting release (she had disappeared for three days to die but came back when it didn't happen and sat and looked at me) and have always paused and felt for the animal before the act.Anyway back to films. We saw The Reader last night and Kate Winsletts' performance brought me close to tears but there was an easy antidote, just watch Ralph Fiennes incredibly wooden performance. Does he ever change??


Shubhajit said...

Dear Sir,

This post is very emotional. I'm a soft nature person with stern views. Even the death of ant teaches us something out of this life. If we think that we are superior than a crawler than we have think again about our ignorance.

I haven't seen Reader but I would like you to watch 'Into The Wild', surely you will like it.

By the way, where are you? Still sailing or some rest in home?


chook said...

I agree totally about the crawlers. My responsibility in keeping animals was to care for them in sickness and in health and if the sickness or injury was too great then I had to end their suffering.
Too many people take a packet of meat from the supermarket with no idea how it was produced.
I haven't seen Into the Wild but it has been recommended.
I am at home with some building, some cooking classes, some theatre work and not enough art!
With love