Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Time of Year for Tax

Preparing my tax returns is like eating chilli, I'm so glad when the pain is over and the warm, fuzzy feeling pervades. Until I have to pay the tax and that's much worse! Imagine if there were no taxes and you paid for everything as you used it. Sounds like a fairer system. If you can't afford it, you can't have it. A tax is OK if it is distributed well but now it seems to be swallowed up in a bottomless pit and we still have to pay for health, education etc.
Our Prime Minister John Key (what is it about him that I can't take seriously, he looks like a small boy caught in the headlights) said for the first time yesterday that we are coming out of the recession. The only (among other things) thing is that he rose to the top as a financier and is likely to pursue similar bad ethics to aid our recovery.
We ain't gonna learn so maybe we should give money for driving a small car or being a lifeguard or fireman or living in the country or bringing up a handicapped child or making music or luvin one another.
Channel materialistic urges towards good.
Yeah I'm dreamin'


BBC said...

The interesting thing about taxes is that the expense always trickles down. If the rich get more taxes put on them they figure out how to pass them on to us.

Don't have an income tax in this state, just a state sales tax and it doesn't include many food items.

I often get around paying taxes on things by buying what I need at yard sales and such.

As for taxing my income, fuck that, I've gotten below that radar screen.

And I've learned to get by on far less than others think they need to be happy.

That means no needy empire building mate but I deal with it. I just go next door and talk to the sweet and wise old lady next door that has even fewer needs and wants than I do.

If she was twenty years younger we would be fucking each other, she sure is a horny old gal. :-)

Shubhajit said...

Eh! All places are same, only the difference is in the degree.

The system of tax pain more to the people who have limited (fair) income source. The people who have blind money always take some way or other to deceive the department. They don't need loan still they take huge loans, they do charity and most of the charity organisations are made for collecting as much as money in their pockets.

But still the common people are paying and what to do?

I don't much think about those things because goal is different and quite abstract to other people. I find solace and immense strength to fight against all odds because I have my own domain. Nobody, nothing can enter into that nucleus.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave..

Its Johnny... from Aussie...

How u been? Great to read all ur thoughts, directions and progress..
U are as true as ever, always a great read mate..
Decided to corrospond here coz i know u love the comments, you have helped me shape my life for the better mate and always read ur updates with a great personal interest.. Hope all is well with the lovely Denise and ur now teenage son Sam...
With enormous love Johnny

and guess the son of the singer from theis link..
'As Always and evermore Dave my best wishes mate andGod Bless

chook said...

Billy - I agree with a sales tax. You just get taxed on what you buy, so the rich dudes who have avoided income tax get whacked when they buy their expensive toys.

Shubhajit - yes we are all the same. Some of our large companies with big profits have a nil tax return. Still it is a national pastime for the little people here in NZ to try to avoid paying tax. Bigger than football!!
I'm impressed with your state of mind at the moment but also a little worried. They say moderation in all things but I don't really buy that. Give me a few excesses to liven things up!

Johnny Baby!! - So good to hear from you. Beware of false prophets(profits)they can only get you into trouble.
I don't pretend to know much, just live my life as lives should be lived.
We are fine, Denise is in Sydney with her Dad so I am smoking and drinking and chasing nude models to my hearts' content. Nothing changes. Sam turned 18 with no huge problems YET. He's a good kid.
The son of Bobs' son? No mate wouldn't have a clue. Perhaps Bobs' your uncle!!
Love as always