Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Back to collaging. I like the way it fragments the image.


Anonymous said...

Really cool!! I like a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hey back again.
Mate I have just been checking out your work again,
You are one talented man chook
Have a lovely day

chook said...

Nah TBone, I was behind the door when talent was given out. I have replaced it with sheer dogged determinism!!

Shubhajit said...

It is a different world all together. You must carry on and by the way I think the best talent is to wearing down our teeth to something that we don't know but crave to understand and find happiness, nay, bliss in that particular work. And I'm glad that I've got inspiration from people like you about that force.

chook said...

It's hard to find bliss in my work, there is always something more. But that's good, I know perfection probably isn't attainable but I love the journey trying.

fucoid said...

nice, chook. you are so diverse! i love the colors too.

chook, i tagged you.. if you get a few minutes check out the post on my blog, "4 of a kind". hope to see ya soon. cheers!

Mona said...

Yeah/ these work really well!

chook said...

fucoid....always check out your blog. Will think on the fours.

Mona....ta, enjoy your blog still even if I don't comment much