Friday, November 20, 2009

Form versus construction

Still painting away! I'm happy with the results because it seems to concentrate the eye on the form rather than the construction.
I've had good reports about my family group in Whitianga. They are becoming a bit of an icon at the entrance of the town. I'm sure when someone new sees art when they come into town it alters their perception of what Whitianga is like.


Ben said...

the forms and shapes look relax and comfortable. very much like you :)

chook said...

Hello Ben, where have you been?
Looks can be deceiving, you must have caught me at a good moment!

billie said...

Is that you dave ??! my you look youthful , a beard suits you .love the new work ...still on tract for moving quite excited about it now Bx

chook said...

Hey Billie, why all the compliments. Yes you can stay with us!!!