Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bring it on!

Wow it's all go here. I had a visit from an old friend above. She was one of my very first artworks and bought from me by my good mate Jimmy for a far too cheap a price (now that I'm famous Jimmy!). She has come home for a few minor alterations and leaves again tomorrow. I hope she enjoyed her stay!
Travelled down to the Maratoto quarry to select the stone for our sculpture symposium which starts on Monday. We have 16 sculptors from around NZ coming to work in the garden for a week culminating in an auction of the new works on Sun 6th Dec. with fun, food and live music. Five of them will be working wood and friend Roger and I have to carve up a 150 year old macrocarpa tree to provide material. Come on, don't be like that, the tree had to go and it's being made into artworks. Roger is going to carve a big fish hook in situ with what's left.
Three personal chef jobs coming up next week and lunches every day for the sculptors and working on my own piece. Bring it on baby!!


BBC said...

I've never met an artist that wasn't, well, weird.

chook said...

What a compliment Billy. I've never met a straight person that wasn't, well, straight.

BBC said...

Hey, asshole, are you calling me straight? :-)

My art is just different than yours is all. Useful art, not crap you set out by the side of the driveway.

Jon said...

sounds like it's going to be quite the shindig!

been a while chook... hope that all is well in your neck of the woods and that the temperature is steadily rising as it's getting more and more frigid here!


chook said...

Hey Jon, good to hear from you. It is quite a shindig with the garden disappearing under clouds of stone dust but it's worth it to see the sculptures emerge at the end of the week.
It's a lovely time of year with renewal all around us and warm enough to enjoy sailing.
Still enjoying your blog, keep it up.

masterymistery said...

you're doing some cool stuff. Love the painting.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

chook said...

Hey Cosmic, I've been a bit tardy on the blogosphere lately but still keep up with your goings on.
Thanks for the compliment.