Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009 Symposium

I've been a bit tardy with blog posts (as if anyone noticed!). Below is the finished work and artists from our symposium with thanks to photographer Hazel Shepherd. The winning work by Chris Van Doren is at the top. The auction went well, we sold 15 of the 24 pieces.


billie said...

great stuff ..will they still be there when l come? l am hoping to get to you by the end of jan .House sale is going through but as yet not a date for moving .all very exciting and scarry bx

Shubhajit said...

All are good and surely sheer passion is involved in making.

My choice is 3rd from the top.

chook said...

Billie...I would like to think they all will be sold but I doubt it. Good on you re the house, exciting and scary is good!! It will give you a whole new direction.

Shubhajit... there is a different journey for all of the artists which doesn't necessarily show in the finished work. Good choice, it is a portrait of Captain Cook the great navigator who claimed NZ for England in 1769.