Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It has been quite a year! After finishing at the restaurant I thought I would have time to contemplate life but as usual I have filled it up again. I'm obviously that type of person. My art has improved a little (I hope) but my respectability (shiver) as an artist has grown a lot. Sometimes overnight successes happen but mostly it's just sheer hard work and persistence that brings recognition of the value of what you do (not that that is what I do it for of course!!). I hate the self promotion and just love the doing.
The loss of my good mate Ronny was hard but it made me think long about what I want from life (and it's not respectability!). Maybe it's time to move on.
My kids are busy in their separate lives and the grand children grow inward and outward every time I see them. Life has a habit of rounding off sharp edges and I have to work very hard not become a rotund little ball.
I wish you all (the 3 of you)a very happy festive season.


Jon said...

same wishes back to you!

I like these reflections on the year... the thoughts on your working in your craft i can totally empathize with... and what you say about the "worth" of the work being in the desire to create and not in $$$... i'll second that

take care... i'll catch up with you again soon...


BBC said...

It has been quite a year! After finishing at the restaurant I thought I would have time to contemplate life but as usual I have filled it up again.

Yeah, I used to do that myself, now I just go camping all I can where I have lots of time for pondering on things, I have no more empires to build and don't want any, unless it's ten acres out in the country.

My world has never been about money so that is a good thing, in my mind. But my world has never been about art and everything having to be someones idea of pretty either.

Hell, I gutted this place out five or six years ago and redid it and just moved in, it still hasn't been painted. My mine simply doesn't pay much attention to walls and I have no need for everything to be pretty.

I think artists are weird, ha ha ha

2009 was a pretty interesting year to me. But I'm not looking forward to 2010, I'm pretty sure that America is in for some hard times, and deserves some of them being as she thinks she is so fucking special.

I've prepared for them the best I can, that is all I can do. I can get by on a few hundred a month if I have to, can't do much better than that I guess.

Well, I could plant a garden but why bother? I'm surrounded by natural foods here.

billie said...

Move on !!! where to ? what to ?? happy new year you old codger bx

chook said...

Jon....happy new year

Billy...plant a garden in your mind!'ll see. Happy new year to you, you old wench!

Shubhajit said...

Contemplation is good. It is nice to read some inner thoughts here. I remember almost a year ago you asked me not to think so much. Now look my old friend is here also thinking :)

Wish you a very happy new year. Wish your artistic presence cover the whole of your soul and also fetch you some good money.

chook said...

Shubhajit...didn't I tell you to do what I say not what I do! I wish I could shut down my mind sometimes.
I most certainly want you to keep thinking then we will still get those pearls of wisdom from you.
I hope your new year treats you well.

BBC said...

Billy...plant a garden in your mind!

In that respect I am a gardener, I plant seeds in others minds, I'm just waiting for the crop to come up.