Sunday, February 14, 2010

Art should be like breathing

What is it about art in museums and galleries that I don't like. Is it the attempt to objectify and canonise it, to separate it from life when it should be part of it. I love coming across art in unexpected places where you can take it or leave it, love it or hate it but it hasn't got all the artworld bullshit behind it. It's a natural progression of what you are doing. Of course it's more difficult with paintings because they need a wall and must be protected so give me sculpture and a wide plain or the side of a mountain or the ocean (I have plans for a fountain generated by wave motion) or a grimy city street.
Or maybe I'm just trying to justify my latest abomination (more later [not more abominations I hope!]) that I'm going to unleash on the poor world.


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Art to me is making stuff into other useful stuff. I think this is cool. SPIRITS PROJECTS

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