Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shedding a life

There is little mileage left
In this old skin
So do I throw it down
With the others
Or burnish it
Every day
Until the new one fits


BBC said...

Interesting post, but in your new skin you won't be aware of your last skin, if you wish to put your last life that way.

Besides, they are just going to teach you stupid shit all over again.

I just dropped in to see what is going on.

chook said...

But sometimes we need to see with fresh eyes. To really see without our habits and experiences. I like to pretend that my familiar landscape is something i have never seen before and it takes on an exciting hue.

Anne said...

About "fresh eyes", "old skin" and "shit", I would love to have your opinions about an actual disturbing movement :
> go first to watch the movie "Addendum" (2h). It's a little technical at the beginning, less after.
The movement is growing up and some members leaved it to build their own project in N-Z with international funds.
Do you know it ?
Bien à vous...

chook said...

Hi Anne, I'll check it out

Anne said...

Sorry for my poor english... With "shit" I mean : some bad sides of our habits.

chook said...

Hi Anne, 'shit' works for me!