Friday, April 23, 2010

At last I have internet in my house. It's only taken 3 weeks which is phhh! nothing. I don't get frustrated with the speed (snailpace) that things work here, it makes you stop and think. However having internet makes the world seem much smaller and New Zealand not quite so far away. A few photos below of my whereabouts.

My garden towards my house

the view of the mountains from my workshop

The entrance to my abode

A typical visitor

A typical tableau for aperitif

Caught working in my makeshift workshop


Cowboyhatscotty said...

Hi mate, great to see some pics of your new digs.Im liking the painting of billy:-)

chook said...

hey Scotty, so good to talk to you guys the other day. Yeah poor Billy I painted her out and now I have painted her in again. She still looks at me reproachfully!