Monday, August 23, 2010


A portrait of friend Franca. I am getting faster and a little better. The need for speed is to keep the cost down, nobody has any money to spend on art here and I don't want an apartment full of paintings!

After one hour

Two hours

Three hours

Three and a half hours + half an hour prep = Four hours total


Anonymous said...

I know Franca well, a beautiful woman and wonderful culinary expert from Capille. I am sorry but your work doen't do Franka any justice at all. It fails in every way to say "Caio" and beam with Franca's beautiful character. This work appears as a flat childlike interpretation. I am not wanting to appear insensitive simply honest. Ann Fletcher

chook said...

Hi Anne, I would like to do your portrait, I feel sure I could portray your lack of sensitivity and brutal honesty. It's lucky I have a tough hide or there would be another failed artist on the scrapheap. How can I redeem myself (not to you because I am obviously a hopeless case) to the other reader of my blog? I have been in Roccasecca for 3 months, don't know Italian and unashamedly wanted to establish myself as an artist. Landscape? Too many. Sculpture? Too expensive. So decided on portraits which Italians like. Price? Felt that 100 euros was the max in a small, poor town and wanted to sell so my paintings were on other peoples walls (good advertising). So sell 1 of every 2, cost 20 euros each I have to paint them in 4 hours to earn 10 euros an hour which I can live with. So have to forego sittings and weeks of work to establish character. Italians above all want a likeness (if I failed that with Franca then I am a basket case) and are very critical of any deviation.
I'm happy because I'm in demand for commissions so must be doing something right ie have established what the market wants.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I have been taught that honest critique (and I have gone through many at art school) is a character building process. It certainly helped me to take my work seriously. Its about taking it on the chin and digging deeper, thinking wider (if you wish). I really enjoy your sculptural work and when I saw it sighted on the mountain side I smiled and went yeah!!!. My point being, that art is more than a cheap commodity Dave, but perhaps your thing is producing cheap imitation in conveyor belt style at four hour intevals. I just think that you are doing your talent a dis-service
It reminds me of the art I saw in Darwin, Amazing aboriginal art and then the cheap tacky imitations around the corner. If you dare to put your portraits in this context then think about why Italians like portraits! it is the home of the the worlds great art. "hopeless case, basket case and another failed artist on the scrapheap" (your laments not mine)are insecure statements. I just get the feeling that your art is about quantity not quality and that doesn't stand up as being art to me, infact "made in china comes to mind" and why can't we say it as we see it, Why do we have to do spin Dave, surely thats superficial and contary to what art is about. Ann.

Anonymous said...

Well for what it's worth I like it! Monday 23rd August - D Day at Waihi...such a sad day :-(. Look forward to seeing you soon. Kilkenny Cat

chook said...

Yetch Anne, wash your mouth out with soap and write out 100 times 'I must not use the forked tongue of the art world to common people'. Insecure? Don't make me laugh, if you think I'm that you don't know me at all! It's not the honest criticism it's the way in which you attacked my work. Nothing constructive. I've been painting portraits for 3 months with no art training and you expect a Rembrandt? Give me 3 years then be honest. I don't give a rats arse what you and the art world think of my work. I know it's not 'good art' but I never said it was. I didnt put it on a pedestal and say this is art, I just posted it on my humble blog so my friends can see what I am doing. I love doing them, the people who commission them like and buy them and with every one I learn something more. I have no talent so have to replace it with hard work and this is the way I have chosen to improve. Your art better be very, very good to shoot at me with such superiority.

Hi Pussycat, but you are biased!! Sorry to hear about D Day but remember it made the world free!
Lotsa love