Friday, August 13, 2010


So do you need talent to be an artist (or anything) or can you make it through sheer hard work? And does it matter? Perhaps tapping in to your creativity is something you need talent for but I think you can learn that also. So why are artists considered special? Different than a good plumber? It's all a hoax (look at that word for a while, unusual) so as long as we don't tell the common people we will continue to be special. Hope no common people are reading this. Do you need talent to be a common person.....


Anonymous said...

Hey Chook,

Loving your work as usual, the portraits are really cool mate!!!
Looks like your having an interesting visit to Italy, all looks good.
Your comments on artists made me smile I have got to say, in England if you are a artist or musician your pretty much considered a bum (unless you are famous or very rich) get a proper job is the usual reaction and stop daydreaming....haha!!
As for talent you bags to spare chook!!

Take care

chook said...

Hey T-Bone, I've you fooled you too. Great! Those people who say artists are bums are just jealous of our money and prestige. Ha! Did you ever put that piece of poetry/prose of mine to music, like to hear it if you did. I want to make a CD of my songs for my kids, know a good programme to download?
Keep smiling