Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's a matter of degree

The sun is rising 35 degrees closer to the east since our shortest day. OK I did use a small protractor on the desk so it is not an exact reading.. Spring has been good until the last couple of days when an antarctic blast caused snowy havoc on the roads (not ours, further south) and killed many new born lambs. It seems incongruous that we pull on sheeps wool jumpers to combat the cold. Heading out for a sail and a fish today before the weather closes in again tomorrow. And to get away from painted sculptures!!


BBC said...

We have been having the most beautiful fall here since I moved here in 98.

If I had a sailboat I would be mighty tempted so start heading south now chasing the sun.

But I would have to learn how to sail or kill myself trying get there.

I can't navigate with anything but a gps and a radar unit and if the power goes out I'm screwed.

The only thing a sextant means to me is that it has the word sex in it.

chook said...

If I headed south I would end up in Anarctica! We have batteries for our GPS down here I would have thought they would have invented them up there by now.
Yeah sextant means you have sex with the sun.