Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sorry America (well those that are embarrassed about it) but Obamas' peace prize is the worst decision since Henry Kissinger was awarded it (cause a war + broker a peace does not = the most prestigious peace prize [used to be]). Here is what Hitler thinks of it via Exiles site


Jim Serrett said...

Welcome to the American reality show.

I hope by this Nobel nomination the rest of the world will get a better understanding of what is wrong in the U.S. government.
We suffered under a idiot war monger, and traded him for a egomaniac propaganda artist.
Neither one of these men had the background, credentials, or insight to fill that office.
What they had was the finance and support of professional politicians, corporate America, special interest groups and lobbyists.
We suffer from a two party regime, and the Presidency is just a figure head of either one of those parties.
This republic is no longer in control of it’s government.
Just look at the impropriety of the last two previous elections.
Most people scratch there heads with puzzlement when George Jr. was nominated, outside of being a X presidents son, what credentials did he have. And we had him for two terms.
There was the same reaction to Obama’s nomination, and I live in the state from which he was a junior senator. Our last two Governors are in prison, a third is on his way there for trying to sell Obama’s senate seat. Absolutely the most corrupt political machine in the county. And from that environment emerges Obama. I can honestly say he accomplish nothing here. It was just a political stepping stone for him.
So welcome to Brand Obama, the most well oiled political propaganda machine the world has ever seen.
So lets see,.. what has been accomplished, were sending more troops to Afghanistan, I thought he said he would end the war.
He said he would close Guatanamo Bay, yet it’s doors are still open
A healthcare reform bill may be passed this week that still supports the Health Insurance companies hold.
No single payer or public option. I thought he said Universal Health Care for all Americans.
It seems few are willing to criticize him for fear of being labeled, a Bush supporter, right wing, or a racist. Of which I am none.
About the only reporter I’ve read that is willing to rock the “sugar coated” Obama boat is
Bill Moyer’s, he covers it best here.

So please don’t apologize to us, we will apologize to you, as soon as we figure out how to keep up with our Mc Mansion mortgage, keep gas in our Hummer, protect our life’s savings from even the smallest medical problem and hospital visit.
Besides Obama wrote two books before he was even President, somewhere in there I am sure he said he would get the Nobel Peace Prize.

But then again it could all be propaganda.

BBC said...

I'm underwhelmed by it all.

I'm thinking that he is just a smoother terrorist than Bush was.

chook said...

Hi Jim, I mentioned my problems with the peace prize to a friend and he said perhaps it represents hope that under it's influence Obama will feel obliged to pursue peace. Which could be a little true but as you point out he is only a figurehead and the lobbyists where the real power lies certainly want to maintain the status quo.
For many years I have felt I have been in a position to critisize warmongering because we haven't been at war with anyone and still maintain our anti nuclear stance which so angered your govt. that we were cast out into the wilderness but now our stupid new right wing power brokers have sent 70 troops to Afghanistan and the US military is going to play games with us again.
I am disgusted.

Billy.... you are not an 'underwhelmed' kind of a guy. Get out there and jump up and down, you the American people are the only ones in the world that can stop the war machine.

BBC said...

you the American people are the only ones in the world that can stop the war machine.

We are the war machine, this countries economy depends on wars. I hate that but there is nothing I can do about it.

BBC said...

This country does not serve the will of the people, it serves it's government. And they for the most part are rich fucks that depend on, oh, hell, never mind.

Besides, this is a brainwashed county full of fucked up christians and other fucked up religions.

I would just like to see it flat ass fall like the Roman Empire did.

chook said...

Billy... maybe you are right. If the economy falls over perhaps they won't be able to afford a defense budget. You would be like us with an aging orion and a leaky destroyer which at least limped up to help the people of Samoa after their tsunami. There is no possibility of defending our long coastline so we resort to diplomacy as our defence.

BBC said...

No worries, we will defend you, ha ha ha.

BBC said...

And then fucking build christian churches in your country being as we think we are doing gods work for him.

Well, not me, but I think you know what I mean.